Graphics on a large scale

If you have traveled to or from the San Jose Airport between 2001 and 2011 chances are you have already seen my artwork. Advertisements for Flex, Multek, and Sanmina have covered walls and lit up light boxes all over airports around the US.
I have created large billboard advertisements along the side of freeways around the world, and designed huge banners and large signs inside of sports stadiums and arenas.


Experience in creating full color magazine as well as black and white newspaper advertisement in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Advertisements for companies including Multek, Eton, Viking InterWorks, Flex, Ernst and Young, Grundig, and Sanmina.
End to end involvement producing advertisements for many corporate and consumer magazines. Working directly with venders to have the correct format and file type for each company's specific requirements.

Vector Art

I enjoy designing and creating vector art in Adobe Illustrator, I have created logos for many companies and designed illustrations for animations, user manuals, advertisements, videos, sales brochures, and t-shirts.
Designing from a pencil sketch, tracing from a photograph or working with just a spoken idea, I have created many designs for various forms of marketing media.